Estate planning can be a powerful tool to protect your spouse, your children, and your legacy. Estate planning involves creating a plan to manage your wealth while you are alive and then efficiently distributing it after you die. It is important to plan how your personal property and assets will be divided and distributed upon your passing to avoid the complex and costly legal process called Probate. Doing your estate planning now will help you achieve your personal and family goals through efficient management of your legal and financial matters.

Auto Accidents

Distracted driving is the leading cause of car accidents in America due to the large number of cars on the roads today. You are entitled to compensation if you are hurt in an auto accident due to someone else’s risky driving behavior. Springfield, MO, car accident lawyer Jason D. Smith, Attorney, has the resources and knowledge to handle every aspect of your case. Jason is an attorney who is familiar with car accident cases and can help you get full compensation.


A court will appoint a legal guardian for an adult or child who is disabled, unable to care for themselves or provide themselves their daily necessities. The most common and heartbreaking example of Missouri guardianship is when the parents or guardians of a minor child die. There are many other types of guardianships. Jason D. Smith, Attorney, Springfield, MO probate lawyer, understands that these matters can be emotionally charged and involve a host of legal issues. Jason can help you protect your rights and those of your loved one.


Workers’ compensation protects employees against the devastating costs of workplace injuries. Attorney, Jason D. Smith, knows the frustration and fear of being hurt while trying to provide for his family’s needs. He will use his extensive legal knowledge to help you develop a case strategy that will ensure that you receive the best medical treatment and maximum compensation under Missouri’s Workers’ Compensation laws. After a workplace injury, meeting with a Workers’ Compensation lawyer is the first and most crucial step. Jason would welcome the opportunity to discuss your story, injuries, concerns, and goals.

Missouri LLC Formation

Jason D. Smith, Attorney can help you whether you are starting a business, a new company, or need to register a business with the state of Missouri. A Limited Liability Company (LLC) can offer you the same limited liability protection of your personal assets that a corporation can without the complications and formalities of a corporation. Jason will work closely with you to create the right LLC for you.